Grow Your Brain, Know Your Brain

Grow Your Brain, Know Your Brain is an exciting and informative interactive workshop led by Colleen Butler, B.A. C.R.C, author, health expert, inspirational speaker and brain specialist. Colleen says, “the brain has incredible plasticity and is very forgiving.”

In this presentation, Colleen will discuss how nutrition affects the brain and how you can attain a healthier better functioning brain so your life will be better. She will describe the discoveries she made while conducting her own recovery and offer information about nutrition and brain health so you can incorporate a plan that works for you into your daily life.  Colleen will also discuss how one diet does not fit for everyone.

  • Feeding the brain, feeding the I.Q.
  • The food/mood connection
  • Recipes for a Better Brain… getting smarter
  • The ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ critical for optimal brain health
  • Enhancing Sleep
  • Sex and the Brain
  • Reducing Stress in five easy steps
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