Tool Kit for the Injured

Workshop Objectives:

  • To provide coping tools for injured
  • To enhance lives of those struggling with an injury
  • Address the mental, physical and emotional issues with ABI
  • Create individual strategies for participants that are sustainable, workable, productive
  • To encourage individuals to become more socially active

You will learn:

  • Tools for controlling mind chatter
  • How to avoid pit falls of depression
  • Educate your brain, mentally, physically, nutritionally and emotionally
  • Create a sustainable program to assist in a smoother, more productive recovery
  • Tools for avoiding social isolation, contributing to your community
  • Tools for acquire structure

Length: 1 to 2 days

Class size: 8 – 20

Tool Kit for the Injured is an interactive workshop led by Colleen Butler, B.A. C.R.C, author, health expert,inspirational speaker and brain injury survivor. Colleen says, “A brain injury is like a puzzle that has been shaken up. Our recovery is to join the pieces again with a stronger glue.”

In this presentation, Colleen will describe the discoveries she made while conducting her own recovery and offer the basic rules about nutrition and brain health so you can incorporate a plan that works for each individual.

  • Feeding the brain, feeding the I.Q.
  • The food/mood connection
  • Recipes for a better brain
  • The ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ critical for optimal brain health
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