Baseline Testing

Brain Navigators would like to offer you three options covering baseline cognitive testing and our Be Smart Play Smart Concussion Program.

Baseline cognitive testing is an essential tool for any sports league.  It provides clear information for parents, coaches, administrators, insurers and medical practitioners to assist in the decision to return players after a concussion. Baseline testing should be completed each year which allows for aging, environmental and educational changes. To be as effective as possible it is recommended that the baseline testing takes place at the beginning of the playing season in conjunction with an education program.

Brain Navigators would like to offer the following options;

Option A: Baseline cognitive testing.   Brain Navigators uses the Axon Sports CCAT test for baseline testing. It is an objective, scientifically validated measure of cognitive function and can identify subtle cognitive change not detectable when relying on reported-symptoms alone. It is very effective due to its ease of administration, its sensitivity, and cost effectiveness.   All testing data is stored in the Athlete account, secure with a user ID and password. This allows an Athlete to share complete cognitive baseline and after Injury test history with any Medical Provider involved with their care. The data remains intact as Athletes and their families relocate, change teams, change Medical Providers or insurance plans.

We will organize the baseline testing program and track players through completion of the test as well as provide technical support, through the process. The cost per player is $10.00.

In the event of a concussion the one-time charge for after concussion testing is $10/ player regardless of the number of times required to take the exam as the player recovers.

Option B: Includes the baseline cognitive testing as set out in Option A as well as 2 hour training from our Be Smart Play Smart Program: what concussions are and their effects, symptoms and prevention.  Our Be Smart Play Smart program provides a proven, hockey specific program tailored to players ages. It complements on ice training and covers concussion awareness and prevention, identification and recovery. Our Be Smart Play Smart Program, is designed to be fun, informative, educational, and interactive and removes the myths of concussions.

Based on experience of providing the program at hockey camps the ideal size of class would be 20-35 per age group to encourage interaction and to keep the material age appropriate.  Cost per player is $25 and includes the baseline testing.

Option C: Includes all of Options A and B, with the class room program being 4 hours of interactive training, including teaching of exercises for pre and post-concussion.  The four hours of classroom work has been found to be very effective in educating participants at all ages and will leave the player fully aware of the importance of a healthy brain and provide them with the knowledge and tools to understand the brain and play smart. It will also provide participants with education on exercises, nutrition and other brain smart activities.

Cost per player is   $50 and includes a copy of the book Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain.  This book provides practical, insightful tools and techniques for protecting and building your brain both before and after a concussion.

Option D: Parents and coaches 1/1/2   hour class with the focus on prevention, nutrition with ½ hour questions cost $10/person

Travel expenses would be required.

Requirements: Room that will hold 25-35 with freedom to move around


Option C package a towel or yoga styled matt for each participant

The brain is an incredibly complex organism that is extremely resilient with the right tools. Thank you for reviewing our program and I look forward to keeping your players smart and active throughout their life.

Education is Power

Keeping our Brains Healthy