Book Comments: Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain

“Concussion Recovery is an extremely practical guide written from first-hand experience. This thought provoking handbook with proven strategies will assist survivors and caregivers in rebuilding their lives after an accident.”

~ Harry Zarins, M.Ed., Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Canada

“Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain is a valuable resource with inspirational and practical content for survivors young and old.  Ms. Butler’s description of her recovery from a brain injury provides a courageous account of her journey and a proactive guide for others.  A must to add to your tool kit for your recovery….BCBIA”

Julia Zarudzka, BC Brain Injury Association

“This book has terific insight into building a healthy brain. It should be a compulsary read for Doctors, nurses, families and a must for anyone experiencing a trauma to the brain …or simply just wanting to create a healthy brain.                       Nurse Gwen

Experience is the best teacher” certainly applies to Ms. Colleen Butler. Brain injury is far more common and much more insidious than has ever been suspected. Colleen writes from first-hand experience, in an effort to give hope, comfort and practical proposals for people going through brain injury, as well as their caregivers.”

~ Dr. Kate Brooks, Living Well

“Read your book in bed last night and just read the last few pages now. It’s totally fantastic and is a must for support groups, and survivors etc., etc.  I will look into the agents who take on self-help. I will promote it for the rest of my days…that’s for sure!”                                                                                    Jessica

“This book gives many tips on the best things to do following a brain injury. This easy to follow guide is very detailed and informative for either the concussion recovery patient or their caregivers.  This book gives many tips on the best things to do following a brain injury. It is a must read for those on the road to recovery.  Highly recommended!   ”

Lynn Hedekar  M Ed. ( counselling)

I thought your book was terrific… a great resource.. Julia

“You hit the nail on the head, this is exactly how I feel, I am going to give this to my Doctor Physiotherapist, chiropractor, psychiatrist, and they need to understand what I am going through.”                                                                            Steve

“Your book is so well written and is easy to understand. Great for my clients… Plus I love the little pictures!”                                                                                     Robyn

“This is a great reference book written in plain English by someone who has first-hand experience with a brain injury. It is useful and cheerful. When you are this far down with a brain injury, it is the perfect book to tell you that you should never give up hope.”                                                                                         Lisa

“I am enjoying the book. I’m finding that it’s so packed with info, though, that I can only read a few pages at a time. I think I’ll be reading through it a few times to absorb it all.”                    Dave

“This book is for all survivors of brain injury and the people who care for them. It is presented in a clear, straightforward manner, easy to read and to use with a balanced blend of applicable practical information and real understanding drawn from personal experience. ”                                                                                   Suki

“It has literally saved my life, it has become my bible for recovery”                                                                              Barb

“I wish I had of had this book 30 years ago, it answers a lot of questions and I would not have been so afraid. There is a lot of good information in this book I will have to read it more than once.  ”                                                                                                      Reg

“I am a survivor of a stroke and have found the book to be very practical and very helpful. It has answered a lot of questions for me that no one else was able too.”                                               Jane

“I received your wonderful book and I have since given it to my son Jeffrey to read. With your help, he is now able to read without getting terrible migraines and his concentration is much better than before. He enjoys your book and finds it very useful and informative.  ”                                                                     Rosanne

“This book is really good. It is written in plain language, nicely laid out with diagrams, cartoons and pictures to help on the way. It not only gives information. The book affirms that a brain injury is so difficult to diagnose completely and that each brain injury is unique. It is encouraging and tells you to learn about yourself, increasing your own awareness. I love the practical strategies to improve our lives. The workbook is super practical and is keeping me on track.”                                                                                 Ken

“No one ever explained a brain injury to me before like you have, thank you for giving me hope and direction and a tool kit”       Kat

“Finally a book where someone understands, thank you! It was easy to follow and very helpful in addressing many of the problems I have been experiencing with my brain injury. The book is so practical, the techniques and tools work well for our entire family helping with learning and behaviour difficulties”                                                                                Todd

“Dear Colleen,
It has been on my mind for several days to write to you and tell you how much our conversations and the support you have offered have meant to me. Your knowledge and empathy have given me more hope than I have felt in a long time. I know that you have intimate knowledge of the frustrations and daily challenges I have faced throughout most of my life time as you have “navigated” your way through the same or similar yourself.
I have lived with a feeling of being in an endless series of foggy, gray days for so long that I was beginning to feel that the difficulties I have always experienced with relationships, decisions and indeed, daily tasks are just the way life must always be for me. I recently felt so worn out with the feeling of hopelessness that I felt too tired to continue. You helped me to realize that I simply need to find my GPS. Reconfigure the computer that is my marvellous brain.
I have implemented many of your suggestions for me with immediate and visibly positive results. I am so very grateful for your commitment to those of us who because of our injuries can make the simple become complex. Knowing that the way I have learned to cope is normal for me given my limitations has enabled me to differentiate between what I must accept and what I can change.Warmest”                                                                   Alison

Interview CBC:

I just listened to your story online…I could feel tears want to come but they didn’t?  I would love to send it to my friends, family, doctor and employer.  I am and have been going through all that you did. (are).

I will say that you never mentioned ” not driving”..(or did you) so I was wondering what your doctor said once correctly diagnosed.  It took approximately 10 days for me to be diagnosed also (ER).  It wasn’t until my husband returned from a trip and people started telling him that they thought I was talking weird, at times appeared delirious that i thought I better stop shuttling my kids to arenas, pools and Mt. Washington.  (my husband had been away through all of this).  I can remember parking my car right in the middle of a road way thinking I was close to the curb. This was also a time when I actually drove under the speed limit!  Scary. (One of my coworkers later told me that I would be talking in the staff room and trying to put chips in my mouth but they never made it to my mouth…only to the floor)

I stopped driving for a few weeks because I knew it was the right thing to do.  But you know…the ER doctor and GP never told me to stop!  Even if they can’t enforce it I do believe it should be part of the discussion.

My husband took the kids out of town for a week so that I can try to get more rest during the day. I have been very nauseous every day for the past couple weeks and my head feels like a bowling ball.  I guess I better get some “rest” now.  I just had to share this with you because your radio interview made me feel ” normal” if that is even possible these days!                                              Susan